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The Dubois brothers, great vintages for 3 generations

The Dubois brothers are proud to have been carrying on the winegrowing tradition of the famous 800-year-old Dézaley vineyard for the past four generations.

The wines are aged in the cool, deep cellars of “Petit Versailles,” which were built at the beginning of the 19th century in a style inspired by the golden rules of French architecture.

Modern pressing and vinification technology combined with traditional aging in large oak vats impressively brings out the character and subtleties of the wine.

Spurred on by many years of experience and by a permanent commitment to making the best-quality wine, the Dubois family has exclusively focused on the production of great vintages.

The latest advances in wine production share the stage with the traditional methods in order to help conserve the Chasselas’ reputation as the
grape variety that best brings out the diverse subtleties of the vineyard’s soil.

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