The Chantons have been cultivating unique wine varieties with perseverance, creativity and great talent for three generations, since 1944 to be precise. In the late seventies, Josef-Marie Chanton, son of the founder Oskar, reintroduced the Lafnetscha. In the eighties, he vinified the Himbertscha, the Gwäss (in French: Gouais), the Eyholzer Roter and the Plantscher – four other varieties that have almost been forgotten. This pioneering work and talent lives on in the family business. Since 2008, his son Mario Chanton has been the winery’s head. He actively contributes to the philosophy behind Chanton’s wines and to the family’s oenological knowledge. Moreover, Marlis Chanton, Josef-Marie’s wife, is in charge of the design and administrative work.

Heida Gletscherwein
Fresh, aggressive, noble, pleasant. Also called Savagnin (in French: Jura) or Traminer. Grows in the highest vineyards in the terraces of Visperterminen (800 m) and in Varen. Recalls the taste of exotic fruits. Excellent with salmon, lobster, terrines, morel mushrooms, beef, dried meat, hard cheese.

Tart, original, unusual. The Resi (la Rèze, uva raetica) has almost disappeared from Valais’ wine cellars. An aromatic rarity. As an aperitif or great with fondue, raclette.

A unique specialty worldwide! The grape variety is a cross between Humagne Blanc and Muscat. Flowery, fruity, velvety. The Himbertscha (im bercla = pergola) grows in Varen 700 m above sea level. Excellent with fish tartar, fish with lemon, trout, mountain cheese, fruit tarts. Taste it!

Eyholzer Roter
Ambitious. The unique character of the Eyholzer Roter (probably from Aosta Valley) wants to be sought and understood. Solely cultivated by Chanton, it is a pale red wine that can be served as an aperitif and with roasted fish in butter. Serve chilled.

A rarity only cultivated in Vispertal valley, it is a genuine and unique wine from Valais. An idiosyncratic wine, it goes well with sauerkraut, cheese and onion cake, crustaceans.

Flavors of citrus fruit, green spring grass, refreshing. Gwäss (le Gouais), the oldest variety, was once the main wine grape of Provence, western Switzerland, and all over Europe. A piquant wine, it pairs well with Chinese noodles, mussels, oysters.

Angular, jolly, willful, great. Ripens late. Also called Marsanne blanche (Côtes du Rhone). Excellent with veal kidney, loin of venison, deer fillet, ripe cheese.