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Fendant special Blanc d'Amour 12 for 11

Buy 11 and get 12 bottles

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Buy 11 and get 12 bottles of the classic Swiss wine from Valais,
the Fendant Blanc d’Amour 75cl


About the wine
Protected by the surrounding mountains, the main valley in Upper Valais and also lower Visper Valley enjoy a very dry, warm steppe climate. In many places, the water is supplied by irrigation systems that date from the Middle Ages.

The Chasselas grape was introduced to Valais in the 18th century. Fendant is the best-known wine from beautiful Valais. The protected name Fendant (the local name for Chasselas) is exclusively reserved for wine made from the Valais Chasselas grape. Fendant comes from the French word “fendre” (to split), an image recalling the plump ripe grapes that “burst open” with the slightest pressure from your fingers.

The grapes are gently pressed and fermented at a controlled temperature of 16° C. The aging takes place in stainless steel tanks over a period of about 6 months.


Color: Bright yellow

Nose: Subtle and fresh, smell of lime blossoms, mineral

On the palette: Round, slightly dry, balanced with nice vitality


Food pairings
Shrimp and seafood salads, meat and sausages, fish, raclette, fondue, snails from Burgundy.


Serving temperature
8-10° C.



Drink young, within 1 to 2 years.


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Fendant special Blanc d'Amour 12 for 11

Fendant special Blanc d'Amour 12 for 11

Buy 11 and get 12 bottles