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Pinot Noir tasting package Pinot Noir tasting package
1 x Malans Pinot Noir Barrique AOC Graubünden 2019 1 x Kloster Sion Pinot Noir Réserve Klignau 2018 1 x Pinot Noir AOC du Valais 2020 Philippe Varone
72,00 € * 73,40 € *
Wannenberg Chardonnay Würenlingen - Weingut zum Sternen Wannenberg Chardonnay Würenlingen 2019
The aromas of the young Chardonnay are fine notes of fruit and sweetness, light banana, toast and vanilla, without suppressing the typical Chardonnay nuances such as grapefruit or butter. On the palate it is dense, harmonious - fresh and...
Contenu 0.75 Liter (34,67 € * / 1 Liter)
26,00 € *
Kloster Sion Pinot Noir Réserve Klignau - Weingut zum Sternen Kloster Sion Pinot Noir Réserve Klignau 2018
In its youth, the aromas of the barrel - roasted, smoked, toasted, vanilla and caramel - appear. As the wine matures in the bottle, the wood character melts more and more with the fruit of the wine and extremely deep connections are...
Contenu 0.75 Liter (48,00 € * / 1 Liter)
36,00 € *
Im Lee Sauvignon Blanc - Weingut zum Sternen Im Lee Sauvignon Blanc Döttingen 2019
The Sauvignon blanc lives on the one hand from its aroma, which, in addition to the gooseberry and cassis notes, can also have accents of exotic fruits such as mango and the like. The wine, on the other hand, has the most racy acidity of...
Contenu 0.75 Liter (34,67 € * / 1 Liter)
26,00 € *
PétNat - Weingut zum Sternen PétNat
PétNat, french "pétillant naturelle" describes with its name the light fizz that is produced naturally in every bottle due to the still living yeast. Character The bouquet of this fresh natural wine reminds of strawberry and tangerine....
Contenu 0.75 Liter (28,00 € * / 1 Liter)
21,00 € *
Sélection Malbec - Weingut zum Sternen Sélection Malbec 2018
Aromatically our Malbec reminds of dark fruits, dark cherries, blackberries, black currants, with a little dark chocolate and light spice. Its taste is hearty, juicy, full-bodied, with a strong body and yet fresh. Variety This globally...
Contenu 0.75 Liter (32,00 € * / 1 Liter)
24,00 € *
Sélection Merlot Weingut zum Sternen Sélection Merlot 2018
Aromatically our Merlot reminds of black currants, dark cherries and plums, with some caramel and light spice. In the taste it is full-bodied, body accentuated, in addition hearty and fresh. Variety This most important red wine variety...
Contenu 0.75 Liter (37,33 € * / 1 Liter)
28,00 € *
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