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Shipping Rates

Shipping rates in Europe for 1 carton weighing up to 31 kg, holds up to 18 bottles
Prices are subject to change without notice.


Flat rate: €3.00

Switzerland; Liechtenstein
Flat rate: €20.00

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria
Flat rate: €15.00

United Kingdom
Flat rate: €18.00

France, Denmark, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic
Flat rate: €15.00

Europe Express
United Kingdom, France
- 10.5 kg (6 bottles): €60
- 20.5 kg (12 bottles): €75
- 30,6 kg (18 bottles): €95
-41,0 kg (24 bottles) €120

Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary
Flat rate: €15.00

Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar
Flat rate: €20.00

Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Flat rate: €20.00

Flat rate: €40.00

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro
Flat rate: €20.00

Bulgaria, Romania
Flat rate: €20.00

Greece, Iceland
Flat rate: €25.00

Malta, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man
Flat rate: €30.00

HongKong, Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan
- 20.5 kg (12 bottles): €90
- 30.6 kg (18 bottles): €120

For larger quantities, please ask us for our freight rates. We would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Overseas shipping is available upon request.